2018 BSidesTLV CTF

The CTF will open on June 4th and present various challenges at random timing to allow everyone a chance to participate, capture flags and collects points.
On June 14th the suspense will rise as we will close our leaderboard and release our final uber-challenge!
The winners will be announced on stage during BSidesTLV on June 19th.

Simple Rules:

  • Be kind to one another, do not share information or solutions or brute-force/DoS our server
  • You can sign-up as teams to the contest, scores are based on flags captured
  • if needed, we will issue a tie-breaking challenge, winners will be those that solved it in the shortest time
  • The challenges will be available after the event for everyone
  • Please don't break the CTF backend
  • We reserve the right to disqualify participants who are not playing in good faith
  • We will publish the best write-ups through BSidesTLV channels!

    CTF opens - June 4th
    Leader board closes to the public - June 14th
    CTF Closes - June 18th
    Winners anounced - June 19th, on stage!

    We will publish more information soon, please register your team and sharpen your axes!

    If you have any questions, the admin team can be reached via [email protected]